The Institute  of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies is a non-profit academic and research institute for encouraging, sponsoring and promoting multi-disciplinary basic and action research aimed at burgeoning and sharing the comprehensive knowledge on the vulnerabilities of  disaster affected people of global order specially the women, men, children, disabled, indigenous communities, minorities, disadvantaged and destitute of developing world including Bangladesh.


The institute also ventilates the research activities, develop policy planning in disaster field and also assess its implementation in a more meaningful way. The institute primarily acts as an academic and research institute to share the disaster and vulnerability related experiences and knowledge. Moreover, it is involved in policy implications for the policy planners and decision-makers. One of the visions of the institute is the inclusion of disaster in policy agenda to ensure equality in socio-economic, legal and political spheres leading to distributive justice in addressing the diasters and vulnerabilities.

Vision and Mission

The Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies (IDMVS) operates within the vision of Dhaka University, which is to “To be a leading institution for academic excellence and innovations on disaster management in Asia”.


The mission of IDMVS is “to build capacity through training and research for disaster management responsive to national and global needs”. The professional goal of the Institute is to contribute to the evolution of development and adaptation strategies, which are compatible with a healthy environment, its conservation as well as sustainable use of natural resources nationally and globally.


The Institute committed to ensuring that as Bangladesh develops, there are adequate human resources to address the environmental challenges associated with development and as a result IDMVS has developed a variety of programmes geared to that effect.