Shamima Prodhan
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Lecture Theatre Building

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University of Dhaka Dhaka-1000

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Shamima Prodhan

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:Climate Change, Disaster, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Livelihood, Environment, Food Security, DRR

Biographical Note

Ms Shamima Prodhan is working as a lecturer at Institute of Disaster management and vulnerability studies, University of Dhaka since April, 2015. She received her B.Sc from Jahangirnagar University major in Zoology and M.Sc from the same University major in limnology and Fisheries biology in 2008 with first class marks in both. She received her second master's from Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, University of Dhaka in 2014. Her research interest mainly concentrates on bio-diversity, ecosystem, climate change, livelihood, environment, food security etc. Shamima has been playing supervisory role for a number of students pursuing MSS dissertation. Ms.  Shamima Prodhan has a good numbers of publications in home and abroad where some others are in the pipeline.

Selected Publications


1.      ShamimaProdhan, BivutiBhusanSikder and MahbubaNasreen. Impacts and Challenges associated with shrimp cultivation in Parulia Union, Satkhira, Bangladesh: An Empirical Study.June, 2019.Asiatic Society of Bangladesh, 45(1): 55-69.

2.      BivutiBhusanSikder and ShamimaProdhan. International Climate Change Policy making: An Outline of the Post-Paris Framework. Journal of Pollution Effects and Control, 6(2): 1000224, 2018. DOI:

3.      ShamimaProdhan, BivutiBhusanSikder and MahbubaNasreen.Adaptation Strategies Undertaken by the Community to Reduce Impacts of Shrimp Cultivation on Agriculture: A Study at Parulia Union, Satkhira (Bangladesh). Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution, 14(4): 21–30, 2017.  DOI 10.3233/AJW-170033

4.      ShamimaProdhan and Dr. MahbubaNasreen.Impact of shrimp cultivation on agriculture: A study in Parulia union of Satkhira district. International Journal of Environmental & Agriculture Research (IJOEAR), ISSN: 2454-1850, 2(1): 1-10, January 2015.

5.      ShamimaProdhan, Md. Kamrujjaman, Md. Afzal Hossain and Md. Samsul Islam. Study of reconstitution properties of dried spotted Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorusguttatus.International Journal of Bioscience.1(2): 27-30, March 2011.

6.      ShamimaProdhan, Md. Kamrujjaman, Md. Samsul Islam and Md. Afzal Hossain. Effects of Radiation (1 kGy) and Heat Treatment (50 °C) on the Quality Assessment of Dried Spotted Spanish Mackerel, Scomberomorusguttatus. Journal of Nuclear Science and Applications.19 (1&2): 46-50. December 2010.

7.      ShamimaProdhan, M. Kamrujjaman, M. A. Hossain amd M. S. Islam. A comparative study of effects of radiation (1 kGy) and heat treatment (50 ْC) on the Bio-chemical and mineral contents of dried spotted Spanish mackerel, Scomberomorusguttatus (BLOCH & SCHNEIDER, 1801). Bangladesh J. Zool. Society.38(2): 205-212, December 2010.

8.      ShamimaProdhan, M. Kamrujjaman and M. R. Nabi. Summer population diversity of benthos in relation to some physico-chemical parameters of soil in an intensive fish culture pond within the Jahangirnagar University campus. Bangladesh J. Life Sci;20(2): 35-43, December 2008.