Message from the Director

In recent years, the frequency and severity of devastating droughts, floods and storms have increased dramatically. So too have the destruction and human suffering caused by civil strife and the collapse into chaos of countries shattered by what have come to be called "complex emergencies". The world witnessed 16 major disasters in the 1960s, 29 in the 1970s and 70 in the 1980s - and the upward trend continues.


The tsunami and radiation leaks in Japan, earthquakes in New Zealand, Haiti and Chile, and the ever-present threat of terrorist attacks emphasize the need for expertise in disaster management. That is why faculty members of the Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies hold a firm commitment in working in range of areas of disaster all over the horizons.


The three main areas of the Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies of the University of Dhaka are three main areas of expertise are disaster research, education and training and public policy. The institute also ventilates the research activities, develop policy planning in disaster field and also assess its implementation in a more meaningful way. The institute primarily acts as an academic and research institute to share the disaster and vulnerability related experiences and knowledge. Moreover, it is involved in policy implications for the policy planners and decision-makers. One of the visions of the institute is the inclusion of disaster in policy agenda to ensure equality in socio-economic, legal and political spheres leading to distributive justice in addressing the disasters and vulnerabilities.


We look forward to working with you, whether trainee, alumni, or prospective employer. Please make use of the many resources and features of this website, and return frequently to see the new program offerings, capabilities, and updates that we promise to make on an on-going basis.