Calendar and Outline of the Training Course on Disaster Management
May 7, 2017
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Draft Outline of the Training Course on Disaster Management


1. Basic understanding of DRR Management and Approaches:
1) Basic Concepts on DRR & DM;
2) Understanding Natural and Human Induced Disaster;
3) Global Protocols on Disaster Risk Reductions;
4) Institutional & Regulatory Framework of Bangladesh;
5) Approaches to Disaster Research.

2. Disaster Mitigation Preparedness and Emergency Response
1) Major Components of Mitigation and Preparedness;
2) Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment;
3) Individual, Community, Institutional Preparedness (Hospital, School);
4) Humanitarian Response and Standards;
5) Strategic and Logistic Management.

3. Gender and Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
1) Mainstreaming Gender in DRR: Vulnerabilities and Resilience;
2) Children in Emergencies;
3) Disability and DRR;
4) Gender Based Violence in Emergencies;
5) Aging and Disaster.

4. Research Methodology in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
1) Scope and Types of Research;
2) Disaster Research Methods;
3) Tools and Techniques of Disaster Research : Quantitative and Qualitative;
4) Disaster Research Assessment Tools: EIA; SIA; PVA; CRA;
5) Analysis and Report Writing.

5. Disaster Health and Emergency Medicine:
1) Role of Emergency Medicine in Disaster;
2) Public Health Response Cycle;
3) Emergency Medical Services and Healthcare;
4) Gender and Reproductive Health during Disaster;
5) Mental Health, and Ethical Issues during Disaster