MDM (professional: Batch 03) Advanced Research Titles

Assessing the gaps in Mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Reduction into Government Development Programmes: A Study on Water and Sanitation Sector

Trend of Occupational Illness and Injuries in Garment Industries and It’s Impacts on Productivity: A Case Study on Garment Workers of selected garment industries in Gazipur, Dhaka

Institutional Role of Social Safety Net Programmes in addressing Disaster Risk Reduction in Rural Bangladesh: A Study in Flood Prone Northern Bangladesh

Role of Media in Disaster Risk Reduction in Bangladesh: An Exploratory Study 

The Role of Bangladesh Army in conducting Rescue Operation out of Building Collapse in Bangladesh: A Case Study on Rana Plaza 

Practices of Salinity Tolerant Rice Production in Coastal Regions: A Study on Selected BRRI Recommended Varieties

An Assessment of Gender Vulnerability of Climate Induced Migrants in Bangladesh: An Exploratory  Study in Dhaka City

River Bank Erosion and Re-settlement problem in Cities: A study in Rajshahi City

Practice of Green Banking in Ensuring Sustainable Environment: An Exploratory Study on Janata Bank Limited

Disasters and Health Seeking Behaviour of Coastal People in Bangladesh: An Empirical Study in Coxes Bazar Region

Safety  measures related to fire hazards in Readymade Garment Industries in Bangladesh: Selected Case studies

Fire Hazards in Bangladesh and Its Impacts on Slum Dwellers: An Empirical Study

Challenges of Waste Management system of Dhaka Municipality: An Empirical Study on Solid Waste Management

Hospital non-structural Vulnerability Assessment for Earthquake Resilience:  An empirical study in selected urban areas in Bangladesh’

Climate Change and Salinity Intrusion in Southern Bangladesh: An Assessment of Socio-economic Vulnerability and Adaptation Capacity of Fishing Community in Bhola Island

Women Empowerment in relation to Hazard and Post-Disaster Risk Reduction: A Study on Cyclone Mahasen in Bangladesh

Role of Indigenous Technological Knowledge to Climate Change Adaptation in Crop Production and Fisheries: An Exploratory Study in Gopablganj District 

Urban Drainage Congestion and its Impact on the Dwellers of Dhaka City: An Empirical Study 

Impacts of Contaminated River Water on Women’s Reproductive Health: A case study on Buriganga River in Dhaka city

Climate change impact on shrimp farming and adaptation strategies by their dependent community: A study in selected coastal region of Bangladesh

Prospects and Challenges of Hatirjhil Project in minimizing Hazardous Water  logging  Situation in Dhaka City

The Possible Consequences and Impacts of Earthquake on the Physical Structures and Layout of Readymade Garments Industries in Bangladesh

The Possible Impacts of Building Collapse due to Fire Hazard in Dhaka City: A Probabilistic Analysis of Economic Loss

Women Contribution in Climate Change Adaptation and Identification of their Role in Climate Change Adaptation at Sariakandi Community under Bogra District

Livelihood Challenges and adaptation Measures of Riverbank Erosion: A study on Kazipur Upazilla

Role of homestead forestry in addressing  household food crises during disaster:  A study is selected villages in Barisal