MDM (professional: Batch 04) Advanced Research Titles

Mainstreaming persons with Disability into Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy: An overview of  policy implications in Bangladesh

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Disaster Risk Communication: A comparative study between graduate students of Public and Private university.

Role of  Trade Union  in Post Disaster  Situation  in Bangladesh: A Case on Rana Plaza

Psychosocial Trauma due to Disaster: A study on Rana Plaza Survivors

 Impacts of River Bank Erosion on Livelihoods of Fishing Community in Bangladesh: A study in Kazipur Upazilla of  Sirajganj District.

Level of Awareness amongst Secondary School Students on Impacts of Disaster: A study  in selected  areas in Dhaka City

Post- Disaster Vulnerability of Rana Plaza Survivors and Widows: An assessment from gender perspective

Towards Sustainable Water and Sanitation System in CHT  Region of Bangladesh : A study in selected villages of Khagrachari district

Environmental and Socio-economic Impacts of Barrage on Upstream Riverine areas of Bangladesh: An empirical study

 Coping Capacities of Persons with Disability during Disaster: A study in selected Aila prone areas

 Political Economy of  Disaster and Conflict Resolution : A case study of Bangladesh

Green Banking  for Protecting Urban Environment in Bangladesh: An analysis from CSR perspective

Assessing the Impact of Rana Plaza Disaster on the Families of Women workers:  An Exploratory study




Violation of child rights during disaster: A case study in selected villages of Sirajganj district

Status of Health of Disaster Survivors: : A situation  analysis  of the Garment workers of Savar disaster

Institutional Initiatives on WaSH in Disaster Prone areas of Bangladesh : A study in selected unions in Rangpur

Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood of urban dwellers  Bangladesh : A study in four selected slums in Dhaka city

 Vulnerability and Capacity Analysis of Water Logging Hazard : A case study of Narayanganj City


 Community Resilience During Disaster: A Study in Char >>>>>

Earthquake Preparedness of Actors: An Assessment of Fire Service and Civil Defense Department of Dhaka City


 Impacts of Riverbank Erosion and Management: A trend analysis of Faridpur town

 Fire Hazards  in Dhaka city: An exploratory study 

Cyclonic Disaster and Housing Patterns in Coastal Region : exploring for alternatives

Effects of Rainfall & Maximum Temperature on Aman and Boro Rice Production of Bangladesh: A case study since last decade

Child Protection in Emergency:  An assessment of Government and NGO Interventions in Bangladesh.

People’s Perception about the impacts of Climate Variability on Crop Production: A trend analysis in selected villages of Netrokona District



Integrating GO-NGO-and community efforts in Climate Change Adaptation and DRR Activities: A study in selected villages in Bagerhat district in Bangladesh

 Prospects and Challenges in Introducing Innovative Crop cycle in Climate Induced Disaster Prone Areas of Bangladesh: An exploratory study

Alternative Livelihoods of Displaced Population: A case study of selected slum dwellers areas in Dhaka city

Integrated Approaches for Climate Resilience Agricultural Practice: A study in the southwest  region of Bangladesh;

Strengthening Flood Early Warning and   Dissemination System:  An exploratory study in selected areas in Ganges Basin of Bangladesh

Health Hazards and peoples response : A study in selected industrial areas in saver.


Assessing Vulnerability to Earthquake and a comparative study of Retrofit schemes: A case study of  Dhaka University Campus 


Role of armed forces in Disaster Management  : A critrical Analysis